Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This stuff is taking forever!

Sorry for the lateness of everything, this summer and early fall have so far turned out to be busier than I ever expected them and I haven't been able to complete much in terms of full reviews or articles without life getting in the way at least a little bit.  I would love to have some more stuff up pretty soon, especially because at least one of them pertains to summer; and though most of the northern hemisphere is forgetting all about summer, I think it's still worth talking about a little.

I'm working on some larger scale things, but much of the poster and design work I've been doing can be seen on my tumblr page, and as always, keep an eye on my twitter feed @Arzachary for whatever random stuff you feel like seeing from me.  Thanks for the patience, and I hope to be throwing a few larger things on here within the next couple of weeks.  Despite the rush, I've still been reading and watching stuff when I get some time, so there is plenty to talk about still!

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